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Relationship difficulties can affect every aspect of a person’s life, and this can cause a vicious cycle of resentment, ineffective communication, and anger.

Dr. Winder uses a goal-based approach to help couples identify patterns that are negatively impacting the relationship, learn skills to improve these, and develop routines to implement more effective communication and interaction. This can be done at any stage of the relationship from early dating to long-married couples. There is always room for improvement as long as the couple is willing to invest the effort.

Relationship Counselling

Dating and relationship building is a challenge for many people. Dr. Winder works with individuals struggling with issues related to singlehood, dating, and relationship seeking, and provides support for those who may find themselves experiencing difficulties related to establishing a long-term relationship. He provides guidance in exploring the difficulties of the dating process, helps to identify and navigate the roadblocks to establishing new relationships (romantic or social), aids clients in better understanding what they may need from others, and works with clients seeking to learn skills for dating and relationship building.
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